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The ‘virtual office’ concept developed from the ever expanding world-wide web being vastly intertwined with an ever advancing assortment of computer based telecommunications. The presence of the virtual office has been thrust to the forefront of modern business by this convergence of technological innovation and the Information Age. Today there are many professions that employ this office concept. Law Firms, Dentists, Doctors, Therapists, Business Consultants, Accountants, Stockbrokers, Real Estate Agencies and more utilize this ‘intelligent office’ approach.

This virtual office is really a blend of efficiencies. Natural Health Quest™ retains its professional image while reducing our environmental impact as well as all of the personal negatives associated with the daily commute and challenging office visits. The real advantage comes to our clientèle as they have the flexibility to match their needs and requirements to a more flexible schedule.

These fast moving innovations have allowed many people to enjoy the advantages of working from their ‘home office’. Today, many children accomplish their primary schooling over the Internet and college education is overwhelmed with the increased enrollment of ‘long distant learning’. Many people today conduct their entire business ‘over the web’ and even maintain their home environment remotely. Ordering their cloths, their foods, and even office visits are all now conducted remotely.

Natural Health Quest™ Virtual Office

It is therefore very logical that when ever Natural Health Quest™ can implement a procedure that works to our clients benefit, we also employ it. Our virtual office allows us to interact with our client base throughout the world. This is all conducted at convenient and scheduled times and while our clients are in the comfort of their own home or where they find themselves in a more relaxed state.

Our clients have the convenience at their fingertips to order the products and services they require to support their nutritional and lifestyle needs. They can even schedule personal consultation appointments, and even participate in teleseminars and webinars all from the comfort of their home.

Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation

Take advantage of this modern and environmentally sound approach to acquiring a healthier tomorrow for yourself. Begin today by receiving the benefits of your personal Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation.

The process is simple:

  • You simply download the Client PDF forms to your computer. Once printed and completed, you just follow the simple instructions and mail them.
  • Upon our receipt of these documents, you will be contacted by our office and a time will be established for your analysis and follow-up consultation. It’s one-on-one, personal and confidential. NO personal information is shared or positioned on any computer that is accessible by the Internet or any output device.

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