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Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation

The Stress Analysis takes an assessment of a individual’s Physical, Mental, Emotional, Genetic, Environmental, Social and other such critical factors. The purpose of the Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation is to help determine the underlying cause of your individual health challenges: Pain – Lack of Energy – Weight Management Issues – Underlying Health Concerns.

When was the last time your Doctor spent at least 4-6 hours on you individually? What would the value of that time be to you? And what would it cost you?

Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation

  • You fill out a questionnaire and submit a hair sample for Dr. Gregory to evaluate
  • Dr. Gregory does a personalized and very thorough quantum based Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation. Dr. Gregory spends a minimum of 6 hours evaluating your personal analysis.
  • One-on-one follow up consultation with Dr. Gregory to fully explain the Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation results
  • Dr. Gregory will recommend an individualized health and lifestyle plan based on your personal evaluation

One-On-One Consultation

$125 / hour
  • One-On-One Consultation
    with Dr. S. Gregory
  • Receive a one hour one-on-one phone consultation with Dr. Gregory to address your personal health concerns.
  • Please contact the office to schedule a consultation time.
  • 888.400.2920
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Some of the Many that recognize the benefits of working with Dr. Gregory & Natural Health Quest™

I had struggled with my weight for too many years to count. Within 90 days of working with you I was back to my high school weight and size, down over 60 pounds! The best part is that I have been able to maintain my weight and I am not plagued by the arthritis, low energy levels, and chronic illnesses that are part of so many of my friends lives. Now that I am in my late sixty’s, these past fifteen years that we have worked together on my health and nutrition have really been to my benefit.
Michelle, California


Dr. Gregory amazed me with what he was able to detect in regards to my health after doing the Stress Analysis. His nutrition and lifestyle recommendations have helped me put my life and health back on track. It is nice to have a Doctor a phone call away and not be put on a 6 week waiting list to get me healthy.
Renee’, Florida


Initially, I was pretty nervous about doing this. I did it because I wanted to better myself and I was coming from a point of curiosity and hoping it would work. So it wasn’t what I expected at all. It was very, very pleasant. And initially all I had to do was I filled out a short questionnaire with some pretty basic information and mail in a clipping of my hair. A couple of days later, I got a call from Doc and we spoke for some time. It was very in depth and from my hair sample, the doc was able to look at my DNA. It wasn’t just what I thought it would be, which was my current state of health, but he was able to look at my timeline of my health and it shocked me when he asked me things like “oh, what’s going on with your lower left molar?” I mean, that’s pretty specific. It was very easy for him to give me a quick, short kind of informal diagnosis of what to do first, which was, what you should eat, what you should not eat and I had no idea how much my health was dictated by what I was eating. I have done a portion of what he recommended as far as cutting out certain things, nutrition wise, adding certain things nutrition wise and these simple changes have taken me to a better level of emotional health. I do feel better and I am so excited to move onto the next phase of this because this is just the beginning.
Barbara, Virginia
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