Natural solutions for your health concerns.
Each client’s journey begins with a personalized and very thorough
quantum based Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation

Why We Need The Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation

The Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation takes an assessment of a individual’s Physical, Mental, Emotional, Genetic, Environmental, Social and other such critical factors. The purpose of the Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation is to help determine the underlying cause of your individual health challenges:

  • Pain
  • Lack of energy
  • Weight management issues
  • Underlying health concerns

The Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation:

  • Dr. Gregory uses a FDA approved “Evoked Potential Biofeedback Device”. The Electro Physiological Frequency Xrroid, or EPFX is founded on cutting edge quantum-based technology. This SCIO* technology is currently augmented with the largest medical software package in the world.
  • This analysis evaluates over 9,000 parameters to help identify the underlying cause of your internal imbalance. This imbalance creates stress within your body. This stress related imbalance is generally recognized by a variety of signs and symptoms associated with some disease. For example, arthritis, chronic fatigue, diabetes, etc.
  • This analysis will provide superior accuracy and results to help YOU understand what may contribute to your individual health challenges.
  • After your evaluation is complete, you will know what you can do to improve the overall quality of your health.
The process is simple:

Take advantage of this modern and environmentally sound approach to acquiring a healthier tomorrow for yourself. Begin today by receiving the benefits of your personal Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation.

  • You simply download the Client PDF forms to your computer. Once printed and completed, you just follow the simple instructions and mail them.
  • Upon our receipt of these documents, you will be contacted by our office and a time will be established for your analysis and follow-up consultation. It’s one-on-one, personal and confidential. NO personal information is shared or positioned on any computer that is accessible by the Internet or any output device.


People don’t just get sick! There are many underlying and often long term challenges to a persons health that finally overtake them in the form of some sickness or disease. This is very easy to understand if a person was to simply look in the mirror of their current health condition and reflect upon their past. Certainly, the health challenges facing one today were not present several years ago. This simple reflection technique illustrates that our future health is predicated on our current level of health and the decisions that are relative to this process. Therefore, knowing what improvements we can make today will certainly have an impact on our health tomorrow.

For example: Many people realize that when they ‘come down with a cold’ they can often attribute this to a previously stressful routine, lack of rest, inappropriate diet and/or other such factors. Likewise, any health concerns that you are currently facing have a historical path that is intertwined with any number of environmental, nutritional, biological and even emotional events – all of which are impacting you at the physical level, but that you might be totally unaware of at the conscious level.

The recognition and proper analysis of this historical path is important to the understanding of your present level of health. Likewise, having this information is critical to establishing a strategy that will allow you to achieve a healthier tomorrow.

The entry point to Natural Health Quest™ is the discovery of these underlying factors that contribute to, or even create, the basis for your current individual health challenges.


Just about everyone today understands that the DNA holds a vast amount of personalized information and is specific to the smallest element of each person. This vast warehouse of data enables modern science to determine an enormous amount of information from a very small human element. A single drop of blood, saliva or even a single strand of human hair contains the entire history of a person.

Each of these identified human elements contain the DNA that is similar to the hard drive on your home computer. Just like every key stroke and website visited is stored on your computers hard drive, your DNA complies a very detailed history of you. From your conception right up to the present day. With every environmental, nutritional, biological and emotional event being stored. Accessing this critical data base is at the heart of our Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation.


Most people have taken their car to the dealership where a computer analyzer is then connected. This computerized system simply compares existing standards in its data base to the real-time data derived from the car under analysis. Because each and every functional part of the vehicle has a specific operating temperature, electrical or pressure output, any and all differences indicate an imbalance or a dysfunctional component within the vehicle under test. Currently, many automobile owners have the ability to simply call their auto manufacturer’s hotline to receive an immediate assessment of their vehicles operational condition.

In a similar fashion, the evening weather report is presented in a similar fashion as our Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation. The local TV uses a radio frequency transmitter to send electrical energy waves into the atmosphere. This transmitted energy, upon hitting an object like a rain cloud or even a snow cloud will reflect a quantity of that very energy. The TV station simply receives that returned energy and analyzes it. The greater object will reflect more energy. The TV station then employs a computerized interface to differentiate the energy levels and directs the computer to color rain clouds green, storm clouds red, and tornado’s purple – all based on the energy patterns received.

We know that every part of the human body is alive and is therefore vibrating at a frequency unique to each part. For example, every human heart cell vibrates at the heart frequency while every liver cell vibrates at its liver frequency. Therefore, when a person has a CAT Scan, the computerized interface simply correlates all of the same frequencies to the same color or shade of gray.

When you view the CAT Scan results, you see the outline of the liver as being different from the outline of the heart. However, What if there is a notable spot on the liver? This is a group of liver cells that are vibrating at a slightly different frequency than the remainder of the liver – so the computer will then make this a different color or shade of gray. The doctor can then assess this as a mutation or even identify it as a tumor on the liver.

How Our System Works

Everyone has the same biological elements that all operate within similar vibrational [frequency] parameters, hence the ability to transplant body parts from one person to another. Our analysis essentially compares your DNA real-time data to that of these well understood and accepted standards in order to help determine what imbalance or dysfunction there might be within your biological makeup. Just like any imbalance within your automobile will manifest as a detectable variation, any imbalance within your body creates some form of detectable biological stress. Our state-of-the-art Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation allows us to scan your ‘hard drive’, much like a virus scan does on a computer to identify the stress.

Our quantum-based computer system evaluates over 9,000 of your personal biological parameters while exchanging about 20 million bits of data per minute in 1/100th of a second intervals. This information is then distributed to over 250 different interactive primary computer programs to help us identify the cause of this stress related imbalance. Evaluating this much data takes time – as much as 8 to 10 hours. With so many hours required for such a thorough analysis, you can readily understand another advantage of the Virtual Office.

Once accomplished, we are then able to make the recommendations that may best address each client’s needs. This may include nutritional and lifestyle adjustments. We might also recommend biofeedback, biomechanical correction, vibrational medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), herbal tinctures, nutritional supplementation, color therapy, iridology, juicing programs, dietary changes, exercise, reflexology, manipulative therapy, and PEMF, just to name a few. Remember, that YOUR Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation is specific to YOU and YOUR needs.

You now have the advantage of space-age technology coupled with superior accuracy and identifiable results to help YOU understand what might be causing your health issues and what you can do to help correct them.


We ask for a hair sample to conduct our Comprehensive Health & Stress Evaluation so that we can access your history and thus enable us to better determine the present root cause of your specific health challenges.

To the right is an example of a hair sample, you can also use the hair from your brush; and men, you can shave hair from your chest to use as a sample as well. Place you hair sample (1 tablespoon of your hair) in a white sealed envelope. Mail your hair sample with the form you will receive when you purchase the Health and Stress Evaluation (address to mail to is on the form).

*Electro Physiological Frequency Xrroid, or EPFX
*Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations or SCIO
[Inventor: Dr. William Nelson]

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